The Star Festival -Tanabata sama-


ミャンマーは残念ながら雨季ですが、 当ホテルでは短冊をご用意しております😊 昔に戻って、織姫様と彦星様にお願い事をしてみませんか☺️🌟💫💫✨

Today on 7th of July is the Star Festival🌟🌟which is called "Tanabata Matsuri" in Japan. We write our wishes on the color paper and decorate those to the Bamboo tree for wishing(showing) our wishes to the stars!!🎋 We are preparing the color papers, so please feel free to come to our hotel and write your wishes!! We will decorate it to our Bamboo tree😊💫

We hope that all of our guests enjoy your stay at Hotel 51❤❤❤❤

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